Friday, January 30, 2015

AMIRA & SAM Review- Jonesy's Take

Director: Sean Mullin
Writer: Sean Mullin
Cast: Martin Starr, Dina Shihabi, Paul Wesley, and Laith Nikli.
Synopsis: A war veteran and an Iraqi immigrant fall in love under unlikely circumstances.

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Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks

It's Super Bowl weekend. If you're already worn out from talks of "deflategate" and sportsball predictions, then there are plenty of great films for you to watch on Netflix to get you through the weekend. Also, avoid all bars if you don't want to be amidst the sportsball watching. 

Now you have no excuse. If you didn't want to pay to stream this film or was worried the hackers would follow through on their threats of attacking the theatres on Christmas, now you don't have to fear! It's a fun film which definitely needs to be watched with friends. Also has the best use of a Katy Perry song in history. 

If you're more in the mood for a dense, spy thriller, then this is the film for you. It's not a film that you play on your phone while you're "watching". It's a tense thriller full of dense plot and intriguing characters. You might have to watch it a couple times to full appreciate all the details, but it's worth it.

I've been wanting to see this film for a while now. It's about a man who quit his job at a restaurant and in trying to figure out what he wants to do, decides to open a food truck. It's written, directed, and starring John Favreau, and from the previews, looks like there is copious amounts of food porn shots. Sign me up. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer Is Not Bad, Surprises Nerds Everywhere!

There's been a disturbing trend lately where people on the internet, professional and esteemed critics included, will be dismissive of a movie thank to reports of a "troubled" production or reshoots weeks after principal photography has finished. What most people seem to remember is that movies are a complicated beast and many movies have had crazy stuff go down during production.

All of this to say that unlike a lot of people, I really want to see THE FANTASTIC FOUR. I like director Josh Trank, Kate Mara is an amazing actress and Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan have great chemistry as seen in THAT AWKWARD MOMENT. It could also be a terrible piece of crap, but I'm not ready to dismiss it yet.

Now, thanks to the 20th Century Fox YouTube page via JoBlo Trailers, we have the first trailer for the movie. Check it out after the break.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Local Haps: January 26th - February 1st

This is one of those weeks where I'm totes excited for my Pick of the Week. check it out after the break along with other rad screenings.  

Monday, January 26th
Alamo Drafthouse: Weird Al Yankovic's box office bomb, UHF, is screening tonight at 7:00 pm.  It's co-hosted by friends Devin Pike and Mark Walters of!

Tuesday, January 27th
Alamo Drafthouse: One of the most popular sing-alongs is the PITCH PERFECT one and there just happens to be one at 7:15 pm tonight! Then later, as part of the Shiner Soundtrack Series, there's an 8pm screening of WILD STYLE, which is considered one of the first movies about hip-hop including appearances with many hip-hop legends like Grandmaster Flash,  

Texas Theatre: In what may be one of theater's most successful runs, it seems A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is back for a round of screenings. Then in new movies, there's THE BALLAD OF SHOVELS AND ROPE about the band by the same name. I'll be honest, the band sounds so damn phony and manufactured, unless every recent poppy acoustic band like the Lumineers and Shovels and Rope out there just happened to be salt-of-the-earth types making their own butter and drinking out of mason jars.

Wednesday, January 28th
Alamo Drafthouse: Quentin Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN based on Elmore Leonard's RUM PUNCH screens at 8:00 pm.

Texas Theatre: The second part of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR screens tonight. The first part screened on Sunday, but it should be awesome! Movie starts at 7:00 pm.

Sundown At Granada: As always, there's the free screening on the rooftop with half off whiskey. This week's movie will be COOL RUNNINGS. Movie starts around 8:00 pm or whenever it gets dark.

Thursday, January 29th
Alamo Drafthouse: I can't stand FIREFLY mostly because of the attitude of the fans, so I don't really care that there's a SERENITY quote-along at 7:00 pm but maybe there's some of you that will?
And for the 80's pop fans, there's a Madonna sing-along at 8:00 pm.

Friday, January 30th
Texas Theatre: The S&M-dark comedy R100 starts playing this weekend at 7:00 pm. I'll be honest, it's a really weird movie. I've seen it twice already and I'm not sure if it still makes sense to me. And before that, there's a singular screening of SUBURBAN GOTHIC at 5:00 pm. To be honest, it looks....lame. but choose for yourself!

Saturday, January 31st
Alamo Drafthouse: PICK OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAN I'm so peanut butter and jealous of anyone that can make this. There's a cartoon cereal party called JAPANESE MONSTER MADNESS. It stars Godzilla, Leopodardon, Ultraman and many other Japanese icons. It sounds so awesome, plus there's a bunch of cereal to eat!

Sunday, February 1st
Alamo Drafthouse: This is essential. There's a screening of the classic CASABLANCA at 12:30 pm. I first saw it at the Drafthouse and it's an amazing movie to see on the big screen.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks - Expiring Soon!

This week's column will once again focus on movies that will be expiring soon. These are just some cool ones. Not really deep cuts but they're definitely worth checking out.

THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY Review- Javi's Take

Directed by: Peter Strickland
Written by: Peter Strickland
Starring: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Chiara D'Anna, and Monica Swinn
Synopsis: An intimate look at the peculiar romantic relationship between two women.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alamo Drafthouse Opens Fourth DFW Location In the 'Burbs

Why, I remember when we Dallas film nerds were complaining about not having a Drafthouse here. Driving down to Austin to see Master Pancake shows or even some of the special screenings was fun, but it sure is nice to just have to drive 15 minutes up north to go to a special screening or not be bothered by talkers during the movie. 

Now, a year and a half after the first location, we have word that there's going to be a fourth location, this time located in the suburb of Little Elm. Check out the details after the break.