Monday, December 21, 2009

She said- Avatar

I remember when Titanic came out when I was younger. My family didn’t see it opening day, but the word of mouth was so great, we saw it on a Thursday…on a school night! I knew when we walked out of the theatre I had seen something so grand and unique that it would be talked about for a long time. Of course we all know Titanic went on to become the highest grossing movie…ever. When I walked out of Avatar (at 3am), I knew I had just seen something truly epic. With all of the hype surrounding this movie, I went into it with as much of an open mind as I could, hoping that it would live up to it. It did. The scenery was breathtaking; the world of Pandora was brilliant. I felt like my eyes couldn’t take everything in fast enough. The new technology that James Cameron created for the Na’vi was so flawless, I forgot that they weren’t real. The only issue I had with the movie is the dialogue had some cheesy moments. All the characters were the archetypical characters that an epic movie needs: angry, military general; bleeding-heart pacifist; greedy, selfish capitalist; independent yet understanding native; and of course, the marine who gets a second chance at life and finds his purpose.

I guess I expected more dynamic characters from the script, but I can forgive that. The visual smorgasbord that is presented on screen throughout the entire movie makes up for the lack of character development. This movie has made its mark on me. I want to see it again…no, I NEED to see it again to fully grasp all the little nuances within Pandora. Avatar has something for everyone; there’s romance, second chances, violence, redemption, sci-fi, war, fantasy, humor, and of course, 3D animation. I highly recommend this movie to anybody, and yes, it does live up to the hype.

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