Friday, April 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans- She said

It’s been years since I’ve seen the original Clash of the Titans. I think I saw it in high school when my class studied the mythology. I remember the movie being very campy but very fun. It’s not the greatest movie, but I really enjoyed it. Now, I am all about revamping/modernizing movies if it’s done correctly. I mean you have a great mythology to build from-the Greek gods were the ancient form of our modern-day soap operas. There’s betrayal, love, lust, revenge, family secrets and murder. Take those stories and add modern-day CGI technology and a decent cast and this movie should have been a win-win for all. Oh, but it wasn’t.

The first thing that I thought when the movie was over was, “Wow, it must really be late”… it hadn’t even been two hours. The movie was too long at certain points and sped through other points. I can forgive the simple plot of a single-man-wanting-revenge-against-the-Gods-story because that really can have some interesting elements. However, the story becomes convoluted with sterotype characters and plot cliches. I didn’t care about the human characters at all. In fact, other than Sam Worthington’s character, Perseus, I cannot remember or even cared the other soldiers.

The strongest aspect the movie has is Aslan and Voldemort, I mean Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as Zeus and Hades. Their scenes together are powerful and show the only hint of any type of character within the film. I was only sad there wasn’t more scenes with them together. Also, in the original film, there were a lot more scenes with ALL the Gods, like Zeus’s wife Hera. Here, they’re in one scene and sort of talk and mumble, but they’re used as decorations standing in a blinding light, so you can’t really make out their faces.  Also, I remember some of Greek mythology from school, and I'm pretty sure that Hades had nothing to do with Perseus.  Also, the narrorator at the beginning of the movie mentioned Posideon, yet he never appears in the movie. 

And this movie proves once again why the 3D craze needs to die down. This film was converted to 3D in post-production, and you can tell. It looks cheesy and hokey, but not in the campy-fun-80s way. Some of the scenes are diluted and messy and complete distracts from the movie.  I could tell where they rushed the process of converting the scenes, and it looked ridiculous. I would have rather seen the movie in 2D because the 3D honestly took me out of the movie.

I hope that this movie doesn’t do well. I know that’s mean, but if it is successful, then that’s another reason that studios will rush their films to be converted into 3D. I really wanted Titans to be better than it was. It had some things going for it like the mythology and parts of the cast, but somehow all that got lost in the script and 3D craze. I think that they should make a sequel with just Neeson and Finnes…now I’d see that movie.

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