Saturday, April 10, 2010

Start a Band- She said

Every relationship has that point that it reaches when things are just kinda boring. Life is predictable and mundane, so you decide to spice it up a little. Some couples take salsa dancing classes or cake decorating classes.
In Daniel Laabs’ short film “Start a Band,” our couple, Charlie (Michael Magnus) and Beca (Rachel Rolader), decide to, well, start a band. It’s really Beca’s idea because it’s usually the female part of a relationship that suggests bonding ideas.
There’s one problem: Charlie can play the snare drum, but Beca can play the tambourine or triangle. Not the real makings of a band. However, Charlie takes some time and teaches Beca a chord on the piano. She gets so excited when they put the drum and piano together; it’s a really sweet moment. The short culminates in a party with friends, where another couple shows off their salsa dancing skills, sorta. And of course, this gives Beca a brilliant idea: “Let’s show off our band!”
Laab’s short is quirky, funny, and sweet. The characters are well-drawn, memorable and personable, and that’s a feet considering the short is only three minutes. Beca and Charlie symbolize every relationship. I’m pretty sure almost every girl can relate to Beca on some level. She just wants them to do something fun together; what’s so wrong about that? And I’m sure every guy can relate to Charlie. He’s just wants to do what he wants, but he’ll concede and amuse her because that’s what guys do.
Oh, the lengths that one will go to for the one they love.

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