Thursday, September 2, 2010

Machete- She said

I never actually saw Grindhouse. I know…horrible of me. So, I went into Machete not really knowing anything about it except it was a “trailer” before Grindhouse, and this guy, Machete, kills with machetes. Literally, that’s all I knew. So, when the movie started the opening sequence had me laughing, I knew this was going to be a wild ride of a movie.

Machete is ridiculously fun. It’s balls the wall blood, guts and action. I could describe to you the plot, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s all about the style. It’s gritty and dirty and hot. The action scenes completely fresh and fun and includes one the best ways to swing into a window I’ve ever seen in a movie. Even though the movie is very stylized, all the action is easy to follow. It doesn’t get weighted down by too many fast cuts.

One of my favorite aspects of the movie is how even the small “throw away” characters were all dynamic in their own way. There’s a pretty hilarious scene between body guards that almost speaks to the what most people think about illegal immigrants. Also, the movie treats many stereotypes in a respectful yet funny way. Balance it takes to create a scene where a Mexican comes running into a fight with an ice cream cart and not have the audience be offended takes real talent. There’s so much politically incorrectness that it gives Bill Maher a run for his money. The movie makes a strong comment on today’s immigration situation and the lengths people will go to on either side of the debate. What’s different about Machete is both sides are very extreme in their standings, very extreme.

For me, there were so many surprises in terms of casting, I found it really enjoyable not knowing who all was in the movie before I saw it. And it’s funny as hell. I mean really, really funny. Machete almost fits into the new category of “cheesy, fun” movies. I know it probably won’t make my top of the year list, but I feel like it’ll deserve a mentioning. Part of the reason I enjoyed the movie so much is crowd I saw it with. The theatre was packed with crazy Grindhouse fans who were ready for a good time and knew what cheesiness we were about to watch. This is a movie to see with your friends on a packed opening weekend. It’s smutty, gory fun for everyone.

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