Saturday, January 1, 2011

Netflix Instant-Cool TV Shows

Inspired by Javi's great gift of Netflix to people this holiday season and frequent suggestions for great TV shows and movies on streaming, he thought it'd be a good idea to highlight some great Netflix Instant shows.  This time he will focus on TV shows because that's really where one can get a lot of value from Netflix. You can fly through a season in no time.  If this turns out to be popular, then we'll start highlight different themes, genres, or just random weird movies for you guys to check out.

As one of the better comedians working today, Louis C.K. also has the talent as a showrunner and director.  There has never been a better looking, well shot comedy show.  It chronicles his life as a single dad to two girls, working as a comedian, and just trying to get laid. 

Not sure what this says about me, but this whole series is a joy to watch.  It makes 
being nerdy about war strategies seem less ridiculous.  The amount of facts that you will learn is outstanding.

One of the best shows ever.

An amazingly fun British workplace comedy about a slick business woman forced to manage two socially inept IT techs. Think of it as a more tech savvy The Office.  All four of the seasons, pardon me "series" are streaming instantly.

So for every nerd out there, this is required viewing.  This follows a ragtag group of humans trying to survive after the 12 human colonies are nuked.  It is not so much a sci-fi show but a human drama that happens to have robots and spaceships.

Hopefully this helps you get started! 

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