Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Transformers:Dark Of The Moon characters revealed (SPOILERS)

Javi here giving you the latest about the upcoming Transformers movie:

If there's one thing that I've learned from watching the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise is that toys will spoil the hell out of any movie. We saw that happen with the last two movies, with GREEN LANTERN toys, and now with DARK OF THE MOON. 's posted a series of listings that give us more information about characters in the upcoming movie from site

The highlights from this list are:

Leader Sentinel Prime
Leader Bumblebee
Voyager Optimus Prime with Trailer
Voyager Ironhide
Deluxe Autobot Ratchet
Deluxe Autobot Skids
Deluxe Sideswipe
Deluxe Roadbuster
Deluxe Sponsor Car 2 (Wrecker)
Deluxe Arcee
Deluxe Air Ride
Deluxe Jolt
Voyager Military Helicopter
Voyager Megatron
Deluxe Starscream
Deluxe Barricade
Deluxe Crankcase
Voyager New Villain

This gives us further evidence that the robot found in the teaser trailer is indeed Sentinel Prime. He will be, at least, a semi-important character given that he will have a $45 toy. The identity of Roadbuster is unknown, but I have seen some people speculate that it could be the red Ferrari shown on the set.  The Optimus Prime toy with his trailer is no surprise to people; there have been Chicago pictures where the Autobot leader has his old 1980's trailer back.

The listing also confirms that the NASCAR vehicles will indeed be called The Wreckers. Air Ride is completely unknown but might be a misspelled Air Raid, who is a member of the Autobot flying team the Aerialbots of who Air Raid is a member of.

The Voyager Megatron is the tanker that has been known for a while to be his new vehicle mode (yay for an ACTUAL vehicle mode). What's interesting is that the police car, Barricade, will return as a toy even though he did not appear in the last movie. Could this mean that his mysterious disappearance in the first movie will be finally be explained? And the Mystery Villain will most likely be Shockwave who has been known to be the main villain of this movie for a while.

I will say that as a Transformers fan, the movies haven't been that great, but speculating about the movie and its characters is half of the fun for me.  The movie comes out in theaters July 1, 2011.

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