Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tron 3 Rumors (SPOILERS)

I, Javi, was an adamant fan of Tron: Legacy. It did have its flaws, but the more I saw it, the more in love I became with that world, even if the execution was not all that great.  The movie did not set the world ablaze with AVATAR-level box office numbers, but Disney has invested way too much money in TRON: LEGACY to not make the most of it.

Well now Harry Knowles ,from Ain't It Cool News, has gotten word that the previous rumor that a teaser for TRON 3 will be in the TRON:LEGACY Blu-Ray is correct.  In an email Harry received, his informant described a couple of scenes of that were written and shot:
"One includes Bruce Boxleitner (as Alan) and Dan Shor (as Ram).   Turns out that "Ram" was apparently running the FLYNN LIVES campaign and he's frantically destroying all of that data and files, as Alan confronts him.....

Another has Quora showing up to ENCOM and getting acousted by the press because she's riding Sam's Ducati - and states that she just spoke with Kevin Flynn, yesterday!   

The last scene that was shot in this mini-shoot involved text screens where you see the Father and Son...  The Dillingers stating that everything is going as planned. "
All of this points to a very interesting set up for the next movie.  The fact that they're also including the RAM character from the original movie makes me excited. RAM was one of the original programs in Tron and was "derezzed" during the course of the first movie.  Like Harry says, it seems that at one point Flynn sought out the programmer of RAM and nicknamed him that in real life.  

The fact that the Dillingers will play into the next movie is very intriguing indeed.  The original Edward Dillinger was played by David Warner and his "Tron" world counterpart was the main antagonist, Sark, while his son, Edward, was the bit part played by Cillian Murphy during the board meeting scene in TRON: LEGACY. 

 And in Quorra's scene it seems that Flynn is alive again? I wonder to what extent people know about her, especially if she is riding in Sam's Ducati and is being sought at by the press.  
All of this seems tantalizing, and I really hope more movies come from it.  It still doesn't take away from the fact that TRON: LEGACY could have benefitted from NOT being a complete set-up for future installments. Well, this half of the blog (the self-proclaimed handsome one) is very excited for this news.

Follow the link to see the original article and pictures of the shoot.  

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