Thursday, February 17, 2011

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movies picks

This week's Netflix Instant picks have more of a musical theme because I (Jonesy) sure do love them....maybe too much. Theatre has always been a part of my life, so I hope to broaden many people's horizon and show that theatre/musicals can be powerful and moving.

Moulin Rouge

One of my favorite contemporary musicals, Baz Luhrmans's Moulin Rouge! tells the tale of a young writer trying to make it in the Bohemian Revolution but falls in love with a courtesan. Eye-popping, glittery, and colorful visuals coupled with modern music brings this love story to life in one of the best new musicals brought to the big screen.

Director choreographer extrodinaire Bob Fosse brings his semi-autobiographical musical to life in ALL THAT JAZZ. The story tells the tragic tale of director Joe Gideon, portrayed brilliantly by Roy Scheider, as a perfectionist who loses himself in his work, drugs, alcohol and women. The movie shows a glimpse of Fosse's own life as he trys to find balance in it all.

The Cove

THE COVE is an astounding documentary about the elusive cove in Japan where dolphins are hoarded in, sold to parks like Sea World, and the rest are slaughtered for their meat. Filmmaker Louie Psihoyos and his team make James Bond jealous as they use gadgets and espionage to get film of what goes on in the cove.

Warning: Very graphic images are shown, so animal lovers take caution.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for this week. Javi will be back next week with his!

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