Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Netflix Instant: Cool TV & Movie Picks

Hey guys, Javier, here with another round of awesome Netflix Instant titles. This week has been rather light, but I've managed to check out some rather ridiculous stuff. Hope you enjoy and please remember leave comments below, and let us know what you think!

A surrealist movie set in the dreamy and dirty streets of Tokyo, and the best way to describe this movie is an atheist's version of the afterlife. The whole movie is through a very trippy first person's perspective, Oscar.  You see his past, present and future as people in his life react to his death. Story is harsh at times, but it is worth watching.

I will admit at first I was very hesitant about this series. During college, I could not stand the ridiculous notion of paying for my friends through being in a sorority/frat, so when my girlfriend told me we should try watching it together, I did not care for it. Slowly but surely, I was won over by the characters and the dynamic writing. One of the things that I appreciate is the writer's attention to detail in regards to continuity and character traits.

I first watched this movie during last year's Dallas International Film Festival, and I loved this movie for all the sort of wrong reasons. The protagonist is a whiny, self loathing mope-bag that not even Morissey could come up with, and the story reminded me of a low budget (500) Days of Summer. But upon later inspection, I found it to be a not so much a story, but a slice of events in someone's life with no easy conclusion or beats. Just be glad you don't have Harmony as a friend.

Well that's it folks, hopefully that will add some spice to your queue this week. Jonesy will bring her picks next week.

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