Friday, March 4, 2011

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movie picks

As we recover from our post-Oscar madness and settle in before the big summer season, here are my picks for Netflix Instant this week:

Director Rian Johnson brings the film noir style back with BRICK. When his crush ends up dead, Brendan Fry (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who's Javi's man-crush) weaves through the social network of the high school drug world to find the killer. Beautifully acted and shot, BRICK competes with any classic noir film.

Another wild entry into director Christopher Guest's world, BEST IN SHOW takes all of his familiar faces and puts them into the world of competitive dog shows. The characters are quirky, the situations are insane, and the witty dialogue makes this such a smart comedy. Fun, fun, fun.

Arthur Miller's classic play which premiered on Broadway comes to the small screen. The tragic story of Willy Loman (Dustin Hoffman) as he comes to grips with a failed career and uninspired family. This tale is absolutely heart-wrenching yet so powerful. This is truly what acting is all about.

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