Friday, March 18, 2011

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movie picks

Hey guys, Jonesy here with my picks for this week with a little something for everyone:

I am not a Trekkie, at all.  I'm a STAR WARS gal through and through, so I wasn't very excited about seeing this a couple summers ago.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by how innovative and fascinating director J.J. Abrams made the STAR TREK world.  The movie is fun, funny, and you completely forget about any stigma that came with the STAR TREK lore. 

Can a man and a woman ever just truly be friends?  This question is pondered and explored in director Rob Reiner's comedy.  The movie is sweet and charming and explores the truths and consequences of that question.  Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are fabulous in their best roles to date.  An actual romantic comedy that doesn't involve a mad dash to the airport!

LITTLE SHOP is one of my favorite musicals.  It's charming, witty, and surprisingly very dark.  A down-and-out plant shop worker hopes to boost his sales by purchasing an exotic plant all the while trying to win the gal of his dreams.  Plans go awry when the plant thirsts for more and more blood, and he's growing out of control!  If you're a fan of Burton's SWEENEY TODD, you'll enjoy this somewhat similar, yet lighter romp of a musical. 

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