Friday, March 25, 2011

Netflix Instant: Cool TV & Movie Picks

Hey cats and kittens, Javi here post-wisdom teeth extraction, waiting for the vicodin to kick in, I bring you some more suggestions for your Netflix queue!

Yet another Criterion pick by me, but this was such a beautiful movie, I couldn't not recommend it. To put it simply, it's the story of a little French boy and his big old red balloon.  It's weird because in a way, it reminds me of modern friendly monster movies like ET, THE IRON GIANT, and even LILO AND STITCH.  The relationship is what makes this movie.  At 34 minutes it's a great way to kill some time and feel good.  

This was a movie that I was always curious about, but never got around to watching.  It's got Amanda Seyfried as a rather classy hooker and Julianne Moore as a sad housewife fearing that her husband is cheating on her.  So instead of talking to the husband(Neeson) like a normal adult, she schemes against him and uses Chloe to flirt with him to see if he would cheat.  It's a gorgeous and a rather interesting movie.  Kudos to Seyfried for not just doing comedy.
This is totally nostalgia.  I know its seems trendy to pick a Muppets movie, ever since they seem to have been part of a resurgence with a new movie, various YouTube shorts, and a fan-made LCD Soundsystem video. But this movie is just a joy to watch, it is one of the many tapes that my grandfather made for me when I was a youngin in the old country.  I think I'll go rewatch it now!

Ok guys! That's it for me this week.  I'll be incoherently doped up the rest of the weekend, but hopefully catching up on our AFI countdown entries and gearing up for DIFF!

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