Sunday, March 13, 2011

Netflix Instant: Cool TV Shows and Movies

Hey guys, it's Javi once again, with a slightly delayed column. Usually we like to put this out on Friday so you can watch these great handpicked selections over the weekend, but this terrible "no sleeping" thing I've been rocking has kept me from being very productive this week. Anyway, here are my three picks for this week.

This is a fun documentary about the problems with the beer industry as narrated by Anat Baron. It shows you the nitty gritty of why the beer industry is the number one advertiser in this country as well as the politics behind it. It's a bit one sided towards micro-breweries as it portrays (and rightfully so) Annheuser-Busch in a very negative light with their predatory Wal-Mart-esque practices. A must see for any beer lover.

This is a beautiful, ultra-low budget science fiction movie set in the Northern part of Mexico six years after aliens come down to Earth and infect that part of the country. The big "gimmick" of the movie is the low budget which really colors your perception. I found it to be innovative if not a bit unbelievable at times in terms of the protagonists. The big problem is that the protagonists have a very forced chemistry that might be off-putting. Nevertheless, the world building is fantastic, the creatures look amazing and Gareth Edwards is a very promising director.

My sister got me into this show. It's just a very well written comedy show about two brothers that always build some ridiculous machine or theme park or whatever pops into their heads. Their older sister is always trying to ruin their plans, and their awesome snarling platypus is actually a spy. It's a clever enough show that it will appeal to just about any age group.

Ok guys, that's it for this week. Hope you enjoy the suggestions.

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