Friday, April 22, 2011

Netflix Instant Cool TV & Movie Picks - Dumb But Fun!

Hey cats and kittens! Javi here, with this week's Netflix Instant picks for your 3 day weekend (depending on your profession of course.)  As the title says the picks will be not too cerebral, perhaps they might be described as "turn your brain off" type movies.

Seriously, why not? Another Asylum gem.  I mean, they did give us Transmorphers after all!  Basically, it deals with the maiden, but obviously doomed voyage of the horribly named Titanic II

I'm only about to watch this, but going along with the theme of this week's column, it fits in perfectly.  This will make a ridiculously awesome double feature with the upcoming COWBOYS VS. ALIENS.  But, if you're watching this, you know what you're getting yourself into.  Otherwise, set your expectations low and just have fun with it.

This is the biggest surprise for me.  I usually don't laugh whenever I see comedies by myself, but this time I laughed so hard so many times. So many people have billed this as "The Movie Will Ferrell Haters Will Like" and it's true! I don't hate Will, but his routine as a super cocky dude has gotten old and considering he plays a meek accountant, you couldn't ask for anything more.  The sense of humor is off-beat, and I can understand why some people wouldn't find it funny, but I couldn't stop laughing.  Oh and Mark Wahlberg? He is the best uptight asshole ever.

Ok guys, please remember that if your brain turns to mush watching these dumb but fun movies, I can't be held liable! See you in two weeks!


  1. Agree with The Other Guys bit, it made me laugh. Simple

  2. Oh I know, I never expected it to be great. I've been recommending this movie left and right to anyone with Netflix.