Wednesday, June 1, 2011

THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO trailer hits! Plus the International teaser poster

After the red-band trailer hit Europe and some theatres in the US and after a bootleg version hit YouTube, we now (officially) have our first teaser for David Fincher's THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. The trailer is fast-paced and makes the movie look damn exciting, and actually makes me somewhat want to see the movie. (I read the book like most of the world, but didn't care too much for it, and I thought the original movie was slow and kind of boring.)

This will no doubt be one of the biggest hits of the Christmas season and the year.  The first book sold 30 million copies worldwide and has been one of the "must-reads" for the past couple of years. 

Synopsis: An investigative journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, is hired to solve a very old missing persons case. During the investigation, he befriends Lisbeth Salander, local computer hacker, and together they team up to solve the mystery.

THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO will be released this Christmas starring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, and Stellan Skarsgard.

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