Friday, June 24, 2011

Beyond the books and movies....Pottermore

Even though the Harry Potter books has a defined ending, like any curious/crazed fanbase, many of us have always been curious about other parts of the world or secondary characters that we loved but their histories were never explored.  Of course, there is always the fanfiction to turn to in which to fulfill those desires, but those can get tiresome.  Last week, Rowling announced a new project called 'Pottermore'.  The details of the project were hush-hush, and the internet exploded with rumors and speculations about what this project is.  An eighth book, even though she said she would probably never publish one? An online game?  A Harry Potter encyclopedia?

In a YouTube announcement yesterday, Rowling announced that Pottermore will have the books available in e-book format.  The website initially be accessible to a million fans from all over the world who will help work out the kinks and help adapt the site before it goes live for everyone else in October.  The site will also have a "gaming aspect" where the fans can walk through the books, get sorted into houses, shop at Diagon Alley, and relive their favorite moments from the series.

However, the biggest, and in my humble opinion, most badass part of this project is Rowling will release extra tidbits from the world that she's kept under wraps:
"I will be sharing additional information I have been hoarding about the world of Harry Potter," Rowling says. She has already written at least 18,000 words of new material for the site, "which will grow and grow and grow."  That "additional information" will include facts about the series' characters, back stories, games, interactive features and a store. 

We get even more information about our favorite characters??  Excellent!

So just when we all thought all would be said and done this July, now the crazed-obessive fans, including myself, will have another world to explore and take up our time.  This announcement thoroughly excites me because it helps me keep the world alive for just a bit longer, or until I can persuade everyone I know to read the books every year with me.

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