Friday, June 10, 2011

Netflix Instant Cool TV and Movie Picks: The Good, The Awesome, and the What?

Hey guys, Jonesy here with a couple of great movies and one complete guilty pleasure:

In one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies, Ben Affleck stars as comic book artist, Holden, as he tries to start a relationship with lesbian Alyssa, played by Joey Lauren Adams.  There are some fun bits with memorable View Askew characters like Jay and Silent Bob, and this is one of the more heart-felt films that Smith has put out.

Tarantino's brilliant film about a boxer, some hit men, a boss and his wife.  Intertwined characters coupled with a non-linear storytelling makes this one of those "movies you must see in your lifetime."  We recently reviewed PULP FICTION as a part of our AFI Top 100 Countdown, and you can check out our conversation here!

A have a weird obsessive love for dance movies.  They're all pretty predictable and awful, yet I cannot help myself.  I'm a sucker for that kind of punishment.  STEP-UP 3 is the latest in the franchise, and while the first two are not on instant, fear not!  You don't need to see them to appreciate the pure cheese of this one.  The acting is equivalent to most high schools, the story is one-note, but the dancing mesmerizing and fun.  Also, if you don't fall in love with Moose, you just don't have a soul. 

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