Saturday, August 20, 2011

D23 Expo: Two new Pixar projects announced!

The D23 Expo is happening this weekend, and some pretty big announcements have surfaced from the Expo already.There are two new Pixar projects in the works that follow BRAVE, which is slated to be released June 2012, and the sequel to MONSTERS, INC. titled MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, which is scheduled to be released June 21st, 2013.

First, there's an untitled dinosaur movie which will explore the question, "What if that life-changing asteroid missed the Earth?"  Longtime Pixar vet, Bob Peterson, has been named director.  Peterson has most recently been a writer on FINDING NEMO and UP.  He also co-directed UP with Pete Doctor, and he even voiced the character, Dug the dog, who everyone adores.

A Pixar fan noticed these storyboards while watching some behind the scenes footage for UP.
The idea that dinosaurs never became extinct is such an interesting and exciting concept to explore, and I find it pretty ironically hilarious that this movie, which I would assume would play with the concepts of evolution of a species, is scheduled to come out during the 2013 holiday season.  I can already hear the controversy now.

The second announcement is another movie that will "explores the inside of the human mind".  Peter Doctor will helm the project and is set to be released May 2014.  Now whether the script will "explore" the mind like the magic school bus or INCEPTION is yet to be seen.  Hopefully the story will fall somewhere in between.

So, could Pixar strike gold again with these two movies?  Thoughts?

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