Saturday, August 13, 2011

In This Week's Installment Of "People Freaking Out Way Too Much": Possible First Looks At The Batwing from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Javi here, I wanted to write about this a while ago, but if you know where I work and what's been going on, I've been really really busy.  But hey! It's the weekend, so let's talk some obligatory weekly THE DARK KNIGHT RISES news.  Apparently there's been a reported sighting of what people speculate might be the Batwing.  Thanks to Batman-News for the pics and subsequent video. Check them out after the break.

Looks like one of those BATTLESHIP alien ships
Well there's that, I notice there's a lot of people bitching and complaining about it, and honestly, I'm a little disappointed, but I don't see where the outrage is coming from.  I would've loved some that looks less stealthy, and a bit more flashy, but let's face it, a TRUE Batwing would look ridiculous in real life.  It only works in the 1989 BATMAN movie because the movie itself is a bit ridiculous anyway.  But as a bonus, here's a video that further solidifies the fact this is an air vehicle. 

What I find interesting here, is that you can clearly see a cockpit along with what appears to be two guns on the side.  I'm almost getting a hover craft feel from this vehicle.  What intrigues me more is, why would this Batman need such a vehicle? Will there be mass destruction? Will Gotham really be crumbling down as they show in the trailers? Speculate below in the comments section!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will be released on July 20, 2012 starring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It is directed by Christopher Nolan.

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