Friday, September 16, 2011

Netflix Instant, Keeping You Glued To Your Couch For Hours: Fantastic Fest Edition

Hey cats and kittens, Javi here.  As any and all movie geeks know, next week is the glorious Fantastic Fest down at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.  This will be the first time Team WDYMS will be rocking that festival, and we couldn't be more excited to experience lots of great genre movies and meeting some more movie critics.  For this week's edition of Netflix recommendations, I'll be showcasing a few of the previous year's Fantastic Fest movies! Some I'm pretty sure we've featured before, but damnit, they're so good, I want to mention them again.

A family drama/big-ass monster movie all wrapped up in one fun little package.  Saw this a while ago in theaters so my memory is not the best on it, but I remember enjoying it greatly.

AKA a GOOD vampire movie.  This was the original movie based on the book by the same name that inspired last year's equally superb American remake LET ME IN.

I've gushed about this movie many times in the past, and it still holds up on repeated viewings.  The story of a bumbling thief, a loner lawman and totally badass villain all going after a mysterious map.

I'm still in the middle of watching it, but you have film with current buzz director Nicolas Winding Refn and current buzz actor Tom Hardy about British prisoner Charles Bronson is just a damn good movie that is highly underrated.

This one is more of an experience than a really good movie. Director Gaspar Noe has some of the most creative shots I've seen in a long time, seamlessly mixing regular camera shots along with CGI.  There's a lot of disturbing imagery, but damn if it isn't beautiful to look at.

This is a revenge movie squared. It's brutal, sadistic and it's got that fella from OLDBOY and Storm Shadow from GI JOE: RISE OF COBRA! Joking aside, this is a brutal movie, but it turns around a lot of the tropes of the "revenge" movie genre on their head which I found really refreshing.

Now these might not be the most obscure or the "coolest" titles that have come out of Fantastic Fest, but they are all worth watching. Follow @fantasticfest, @wdyms, @JaviFuentes and @angjonesy on Twitter for more news and reviews during the festival as Jonesy and I head down to Austin.

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