Friday, October 21, 2011

Netflix Instant Cool TV and Movie Picks!

Happy Friday everyone! Here are my picks for this week with a little bit for everyone:

Since we're in the Halloween-y season, this was one I really enjoyed last year.  I'm a sucker for the found footage genre, and THE LAST EXORCISM is a solid entry.  It's creepy and subtle with some dark humor that builds some great tension.

Tough, gritty and raw, but features an absolute amazing performance by Javier Bardem.  I wouldn't watch this when you've had a rough day, but whenever you're in a mood for some badass, old fashioned acting, this is your movie.

One of my (and I know a lot of people's) favorite TV series growing up.  I was a tad young to fully understand all the nuances of growing up in the 60s, but the characters and relationships are all universal.  

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