Thursday, October 13, 2011

Netflix Instant: Getting You in the Halloween Mood Edition

It's that time of the year again...the time when fake spiderwebs are being strung above doorways with care, low budget haunted house commercials litter the radio airwaves, and horror movies are being watched by all. Some people (mainly, me) live every month like October, but for those who feel like indulging in some extra terror this month, I've got some great Netflix Instant picks for you this week!

An 80's classic that I will never tire of, and I'm not even a fan of werewolf movies. You can't go wrong with this John Landis directed, gore filled werewolf classic.

A great French horror movie that creeps me out every time. It will definitely get to you if your idea of horror is the kind that could plausibly happen in your neighborhood.

A must watch if you consider yourself well versed in the classic horror movie slasher world. It's a mockumentary that follows an up and coming slasher in a world where all the greats (Freddy, Jason, Michael) actually co-existed, and are his main influences. The movie has a couple flaws, but all in all it's very enjoyable and a great watch for the Halloween season.

Fear Itself is a horror anthology television show that was on network TV in Canada. Each hour long episode is directed by a different horror director. There are a couple dud episodes (you may want to skip New Years Day) but there are some great ones too that will leave you wanting more. I recommend Community, The Circle, and Skin and Bones in particular.

Since its straight-to-dvd release in 2008, this has been an immediate all time favorite of mine. It is everything I want in a Halloween centered horror movie. It's a fun anthology, while still preserving the truly horrific moments and twists. It's become my ultimate Halloween movie and I guarantee it is bound to get you in the Halloween spirit if nothing else does.

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