Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TRANSFORMES 4 & 5 Might Shoot Back-To-Back, Might Star Jason Statham And Be 2 Hours of Explosions

Well, just like everyone feared, there will be new movies starring everyone's favorite transforming robots. Earlier yesterday, there was news that Hasbro wanted to keep director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg on board for at least two more potential sequels. Then, later on that day, we got even more specific news, according to Variety, that we could potentially get two more movies filmed back-to-back in order to save costs and time. To add to the insanity, Jason Statham's name was once again thrown around as a potential lead.

This is distressing news, but unfortunately, it makes sense. As much as I don't like the movies in general, as a movie "critic" and a fanboy, there was a lot to like such as the amazing forest fight from REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, but overall, they were pretty badly written all around. Then there were some very disturbing undertones of extreme violence, sexism, and just questionable actions by the "heroic" Autobots that made me scratch my head during all three of the movies and what sort of message they were sending the young audience they targeted. The thing that I was hoping for at the end of DARK OF THE MOON was that, even if we had to wait three to four more years, there would be a different vision of the Transformers that hopefully would give prominent roles to the robots themselves instead of just have them be insanely violent towards each other at the end of every movie.

I'm not naive; I know that the movies have made Transformers a household name when before it was just relegated to being a kid's show and being talked about just on the Internet. Now every little boy loves Bumblebee, there's a new ride being developed over at Universal Studios in California, and DARK OF THE MOON was the 4th best selling movie of all time. Obviously, Hasbro and Dreamworks don't want this relationship to end, which is understandable. I just really wish that some other director would have been able to take hold of this franchise and maybe change the tone of it.

Adding to this, Jason Statham being added to the franchise interests me and worries me. His movies have always been frantic and high-energy and I honestly think that these are two of the things that this movie needs less of.  As always, this is just speculation until we receive the press release. We can only hope that if they make new movies, that maybe Bay will actually keep his word about wanting to stay off the franchise and focus on other things for a while. Stay tuned for more information as it comes out.

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