Monday, November 21, 2011

Hell yes news for today: BEFORE SUNRISE could get a third film!

BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET are the brain child of Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, and director, Richard Linklater. The movies follow a couple who, through a chance meeting on a train, spend a night talking about love and life during a memorable night in Vienna. The later movie picks up nine years later when they meet again in Paris still longing for each other, but now other obligations in the way.

Vulture broke the story today that Hawke, Delpy, and Linklater are talking about writing a third film:
"I don't know what we're going to do but I know the three of us have been talking a lot in the last six months," Hawke said. "All three of us have been having similar feelings that we're ready to revisit those characters. There's nine years between the first two movies and, if we made the film next summer, it would be nine years again so we've really started thinking that would be a good thing to do. We're going to try write it this year."

I for one adore these films and would be stoked if a third is in the works. In a world of cheesy romantic movies, both SUNRISE and SUNSET feel like a real depiction of a blossoming relationship with realistic dialogue and genuine performances. And with all the original actors and director could give this wonderful series a substantial ending.  

Both BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET are available on Netflix Instant.

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