Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disappointments of 2011: Javi Edition!

Javi here. With the close of the another year, we have a great chance to reflect on the past year of movies. Looking back on it, there were a lot of great surprises, and obviously there are some crazy bad disappointments.

Now, let's start off by defining disappointment for the purpose of this series. For me at least, I'm not sure about Jonesy, but a disappointment is having expectations for a particular movie and the end result ends up being less than promising. For example, one of the biggest and shittiest movies of the year, SUCKER PUNCH, is not in my list because I thought it looked nothing more than bad fan fiction ever since I saw the trailers. Enjoy this list, and I would love to hear other people's disappointments but beware of potential spoilers in any one of these titles.

He will always be the guy that strangely named Captain Kirk
  • 5- THOR- Comic book movies, I believe, are at the danger of reaching a saturation point within media and our collective consciousness. With THOR, I saw lots of great potential even if I had zero knowledge about the character. I liked the cast (I'll watch ANYTHING with Kat Dennings), but the movie ended up being such a run of the mill movie where everything happens the way it's supposed to. Hell, the only thing that is remotely interesting about this movie is Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. Even going off of the story, there was zero reason for Thor to be the protagonist, his redemption never being fully developed, and it just feels a convenient plot point. With a cast that includes Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman, this movie had a chance to better.
Taken with Instagram back in 1970 or whatever
  • 4- SUBMARINE- It was a movie that was recommended and well-regarded by some of my more professional friends. So I rented this movie mostly because I was curious to see what first-time director, Richard Ayoade, could do. He was only really known as Moss from THE IT CROWD, and if you're not a fan of BBC comedies, you won't know much else about him. Regardless, this such a beautifully shot debut that was also dependent on the strength of unknown child actors, and those kids delivered. They were amazing by conveying very nuanced performances that you don't see with many adults working today. So, where did this movie lose me? In the fact that the story is such an indie-movie cliche that anything else that the movie is trying to say is undermined by it. The style of the movie looks like something out of an Urban outfitters catalog, which is not necissarily a problem, but considering that the plot of "timid guy being infatuated by cooler chick he has elevated to an impossible standard" is so common place nowadays, I couldn't get behind the movie.
The only thing this movie was good for was the drinking game.
  • 3- GREEN LANTERN- I think this one only goes in this list because I was just really into the whole mythology. I had just finished a marathon reading of Blackest Night and Brightest Day comics where the scope of the world had been expanded greatly. I saw what good writing could do for this character and franchise, and then when I saw the movie, I was so disappointed to see how boring it was. The origin story doesn't have to be boring, but because of some pretty bad plot inconsistencies, and it never gets to be to the level of CAPTAIN AMERICA. To give some examples, the "dual" plot lines with Hector Hammond and Hal Jordan make no sense because it ends up not paying off, there is not enough of the movie that is spent in Oa, and the prologue does NOT make sense. 
Amazing poster for a lackluster movie
  • 2- RUBBER- A highly hilarious concept, where the protagonist is an anthropomorphic, psychic and murderous tire, sounds amazing to the point where you can't believe they made a movie out of it.  However, after watching the movie, I wish they hadn't. The problem with a novelty storyline like this is that it was really difficult to drag it out to the length of 86 minutes. There were some funny themes about what it all really means and what the movie is trying to say (but answering nothing), but it's not enough to have kept my interest up the time I watched. Proof that sometimes hype is just hype.
What SHOULD have been an amazing movie.
  • 1- THE MUPPETS- I know that we were pretty warm towards it in our review, but honestly, this was a movie that the more and more I thought about it, the more bothered by the overall story. I kept on thinking about things such as the actual message of the movie, where the Muppets are shown to resort to nostalgia (Rainbow Connection), pointless celebrity cameos (those can be done right as shown in previous movies), and a rather weak plot that once again relies on the fond memories that everyone has about these characters rather than carving out a great stand alone story. The only reason why I say that this is my biggest disappointment is the fact that I had such high hopes for this movie, not that it's necessarily that bad.. I think this Shortpacked! comic strip by David Willis sums up a lot of feelings I have about this movie.

So that's it guys! So, look for some more of the top movies of this year that we enjoyed later this week.

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