Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Michael Bay Might Do Transformers 4, Nerds Everywhere Freak Out. UPDATED!

UPDATE:Thanks to TFW2005.com for aggregating the news, but there's some very interesting pieces of information regarding the TRANSFORMERS 4 rumors. First, there's the fact that Tyrese "Left Cheek" Gibson tweeted this earlier today around 8 hours ago  from this posting: "Transformers 4 ......................................................... In MOTION!!!!!!!"
Then, there's the quote taken from a random commenter at the Michael Bay forums that seems to be full of interesting tidbits. Check out the TFW2005 link above for the quote and join the discussion. Does this mean all the rumors are true and we'll be for certain getting another Michael Bay Transformers movie? 

Original Story: If there's one thing I've learned in my short time about writing about movies is two things: comedians might be the most money-whoring beings on the planet (see: GROWN UPS 2) and Michael Bay will always do TRANSFORMERS movie whether anyone that's not a studio suit wants him to or not. According to Vulture, it seems that Bay is close to signing a deal with Paramount to come back to the adventures of our favorite Cybertronians after filming his "small film," PAIN & GAIN about a group of dim-witted bodybuilders that kidnap a business man. Hit the jump for more details.

So like the article says, Bay might be coming back to the franchise; these news come after Steven Spielberg endorsed the director's return to the franchise. From what the article says, this fourth movie would NOT be a prequel, but just like with the last two movies, it would "delve deep into the mythology" of the franchise. Of course, as we have seen, by tapping into the mythology, Bay means he'll take the name of an obscure character and put it on a random robot. Honestly, I wish that someone else would have come into the franchise to direct it. I agree with Spielberg that this third movie was potentially the best one of the franchise, but a change of direction would have kept things fresh because let's face it, kids don't need a murderous Optimus Prime as their hero, and I shudder to think what insane body parts Optimus will be ripping apart in the next installment.

If the reports of Vulture are correct, then Bay would shoot PAIN & GAIN and then, in the winter of 2012, he would start shooting the next TRANSFORMERS movie. This is all rumor, but if we're following the cycle of "rumors" with REVENGE OF THE FALLEN's "misinformation" campaign, then this seems like an outright confirmation that we'll have more Baysplosions in the next TRANSFORMERS movie. Either way, we'll keep you updated as more news become available.

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