Monday, January 16, 2012

Film Rant: On "Adults" And Their Movie Theater Etiquette

Javi here. I consider myself a pretty reasonable dude; I use my blinkers; I open doors for ladies, and I STFU during freaking movies. You see last night, I went with Jonesy to see SHAME at the Dallas Angelika. The place was pretty packed, even for a Sunday evening, and I really didn't think many people outside of the Internet movie nerds were into this movie. Regardless, I was excited to finally see it. That is until the movie started.

There was a couple that asked to us to move one seat farther so they could sit together. This usually isn't an unreasonable request; however, this was ten minutes into the movie already. This man thought it'd also be great to make sure that the wife was understanding the movie throughout the movie. Then, the very informative couple behind me who was NOT perpetuating negative racial stereotypes at all decided to narrate the movie. On top of that, they decided to loudly and very obnoxiously laugh at some of the movie's most moving and downright uncomfortable scenes. SHAME is a movie about a sex addict, there are some very uncomfortable scenes, and yet most of our audience (including the couple behind us), of which we were the youngest, decided to laugh and talk throughout the bulk of it. It baffles me that this supposedly more sophisticated audience is stalking and behaving like a 16 year old. What I'm trying to say is why is it that self proclaimed adults have the biggest lack of respect and sense of entitlement this side of a trust fund kid?

Then last weekend, I went to the Plano Angelika to see TINKER TAYLOR SOLDIER SPY. This screening was the worst because of having to deal with drunk Plano 40 year-olds. At one point, a couple that stepped on my companion's foot got up three times to go and use the restroom. Also, there was a dude that was so wasted that he couldn't figure out exactly which row he was supposed to be sitting in. The man tried three times until after realizing his double mistake and went back to his proper seat. There were also deaf and blind people there as a number of patrons wonder out loud "Who is that? What is going on?"

Mind you, this is not a complaint on the Angelika theaters. There were just too many people that were creating a disruption during both screenings. However, I am still appalled at the lack of manners of these people that are supposed to be leading by example. At this point, I am tired of having to see movies where I don't know where some drunk is going to ruin it for me or some idiot is going to be talking the whole time and laughing at the most inopportune times.

Yeah, this is mostly a rant, and I really wish that there was a way for people to behave their age, but I really don't think that even calling a loud patron in the theater would make a difference. They have that particular lack of respect for those around them ingrained in their heads. Yes, this is a movie related rant, but what does it say about society at large? Are we really that thoughtlessly casual and selfish that we don't care about how our actions affect others? Seems to be that way.

At this point, I will be avoiding seeing "artsy" movies during the evening. It's sad that it's come to this. I expected this more out of spoiled brats in suburban movie theaters, but this is just disappointing. And to think that people want dedicated texting areas. Slowly but surely, I'm liking not going to theaters more and more.

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