Friday, February 10, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movie Picks- Rarities Edition!

Javi here with another offering of Netflix picks for your weekend. Today marks a really special occasion for I am totally mooching someone who knows more about film than I do and will be showcasing some of his awesome knowledge. His name is Brian Saur, he writes in his own blog, Rupert Pupkin Speaks, which you should check out. Over on Letterboxd, a site where you can document your viewing habits and make lots lists, I saw one of his lists, which was titled Netflix Instant Rarities. He describes the list as follows: "Here's a bunch of films that have had limited to no dvd release that are currently(1/26/12) on Netflix Instant in the U.S." So I picked five of the movies that I looked really cool based on the cover, and I'll be checking them out over the weekend myself. Won't you watch along with me?

If I remember correctly, this was one of the projects that John Lennon did while taking a break from the Beatles in the mid 60's. He only had a minor role in this, but I remember that he started to write Strawberry Fields Forever during the filming of this. Should be cool.

He's a melting man who is incredible. Count me in.

This was an earlier Horror Movie Night pick. It's a decent movie with zombies haunting these kids thanks to a TV that's cursed.

I think my buddy @NoahPhex was tweeting about this movie earlier this week. Either way, this looks insane enough to be awesome. We'll see.

I truly believe that Vanilla Ice is the renaissance man of our time.

That's it for this week, guys. Check out the rest of the list here. Brian has updated the list since I first saw it, I can't wait to see what he'll dig up next. In the meanwhile, follow him on twitter here and you can follow me here. I'll have other awesome suggestions next week. 

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