Friday, February 24, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movie Picks

Jonesy here. Even though it wasn't intentional, my suggestions ended up all being documentaries. I have a truly unique pick, a warm and fuzzy pick, and one that's quite personal to me.

Yes, THE ARBOR is a documentary, but it's also an experiment. Filmmaker Cilo Barnard takes a look at the dark and sad past of British playwright, Andrea Dunbar. However, instead of just using footage of interviews with the family, Barnard has actors lip-sync to an audio "screenplay" of the interviews. A brilliant idea that makes me less scared to watch experimental films.

This was one of the gems that we were able to catch at last year's Dallas International Film Festival. BEING ELMO shows us the man behind the puppet, and his journey to creating one of the most iconic characters for kids. A sweet film that the entire family can enjoy. A great first documentary to introduce to your kids!

This is a documentary that is nostalgic for me. It sounds odd because it's about a group of young adults who became violent revolutionaries on US soil during the Vietnam War. After I saw this in college, I was inspired to research the world of protesters further, and thus occupied a year of my life while I wrote my senior thesis. In the post-9/11 world, terrorism is thrown around all the time. However, it slips our mind that American citizens can become a threat. Now, there's more to their story, and this documentary shows how a simple pacifist idea develops into a violent one. 

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