Friday, February 17, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV & Movies -

Javi here. I'm coming to you making up for some lost time. This time, I'm recommending one TV show and four movies seeing as this is a three day weekend. I guess I could've gone with a political movie theme...but I thought about that way too late. Either way, you know I got your back with some good stuff. Hit the jump for this week's picks. 

Oh you know, it's just that show that EVERYBODY and their Mom (including mine) have been talking about for a while now. As of this writing, the show is ending its American second season Sunday, and the Blu-ray is already available. But since you've got Netflix already, why not spend part of President's Day weekend marathoning this wonderful series.

This one I'm recommending blindly as I have not gotten to see it, but everybody I respect has nothing but great things to say about it. The movie follows the career of famed Formula One racer Ayrton Senna as he goes through his racing career.
I've heard some critics talk some smack about this movie as boring or inconsequential. But as someone who is native to a country that has corruption to the level of that depicted in this movie, I was so intrigued by the storyline. I was surprised at what an amazing action movie this was, even without many actual action sequences. Our Fantastic Fest review is here.

I remember I saw this movie with my best friend back in the 90's. I honestly can't remember much about it, but hey! it's Billy Zane, why not?

Back in the day, dear reader, I was a big smoker, and I was also big into coffee. For any University of North Texas/ Denton peeps, you might remember the old coffee shop Kharma. It was a wonderful place that let you do your homework and smoke indoors. I felt bad for anyone sitting on the bus near me after that, but oh well. Regardless, this awesome movie has a wide range of cool characters just chatting. You've got The White Stripes, the Za's of Wu-Tang Clan RZA and GZA, and even Steve Coogan. This movie always makes me feel nostalgic for college.

Alright guys,  hope this was useful. Jonesy will be back next week to bring you some other picks. 

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