Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trailer Breakdown: THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN Trailer! Now With 100% More Emma Stone!

Javi here. I have to admit, I sort of forgot that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was coming out. There's been very little hype for it. Someone in the marketing department must be taking a vacation because the only thing that people seem to talk about comic book movie-wise is some dudes avenging and some guy rising. Thanks to the official site, which released this at midnight today, we have our first look at the movie. Overall, I'm hyped for this movie a whole lot more now, even though they basically spoil the movie in the trailer, you can see that director Marc Webb tried to do something different here. Count me in on this. Check the trailer after the break and my Trailer Breakdown, where I'll have awesome commentary on the trailer

1) Oh man, you can  see this movie was made for 3D!
1) Really, Peter? The fire escape?
2) Oh snap Dennis Leary JUST got off the set of RESCUE ME and started doing this movie!
3)...I hear the fanboys freaking out....but I kind of like the fact that Peter is smart enough to make his own web shooter things
4) Oh man! Spidey is a graffitti artist now?
 5) Oh insulting your girlfriend's dad's line of work?
6) I'm not gonna lie, some the jokes are as funny as Shia LaBeouf dialouge.
7) OOO! He's angsty Peter Parker! Go beat up some jocks.
8) Interestingly enough, his parents come into focus here.
9) And now SPIDER-MAN joins the ranks of movies whose plot revolves around a briefcase.
10)Dr. Connors - a missing arm is a horrible motivation to become a villain, why not world dominations ;-).
11) Lots of random shots of The Lizard...yeah he looks Lizard-y. A little boring though.
12) Spidey-bomb?
13) These swinging scenes are what I'm looking forward to the most from this movie.
14) Whoa spoiler alert, Peter created The Lizard? He tells Gwen Stacy, too? Didn't Tobey Maguire's Spidey wait more than a movie to tell Mary Jane his secret?
15) The law of diminishing returns applies to the fact that Spider-Man is the only superhero that can't keep his damn mask on. Very careless!
16) Am I the only getting a Batman vibe from the whole "Let's arrest Spider-Man" bit? I know this has happened in the comics before, but in the collective consciousness a super hero being hunted by the police feels more associated to the Bat.
17)Ooooo they're making out!
18) I'm excited for some Emma Stone type humor.
19) The skyscraper falling scene looks insane.
20) Bad ass logo

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comes out July 13, 2012. It is directed by Marc Webb and it stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, and Dennis Leary.

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