Monday, February 13, 2012


Javi here. This is very exciting news. Today I stumbled on the trailer for one of my honorary favorite movies of 2011, director Panos Cosmatos' BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW. This is great news because the movie was an intense visual and aural experience, and I'm glad to revisit it sooner than later. With this release, there is the hope that the amazing soundtrack will also be released soon as well. You can check out the trippy trailer below:

Now, for Trailer Breakdown!

1) Oh, this is some Dharma Initiative lost footage!
2) Never mind, this sounds like cult recruitment video.
3) Go figure, Magnet is releasing an amazing movie
4) This guy look like Ralph Fiennes' creepy brother.
5) Awesome, the cute girl is a psychic.
6) The flashing images are downright creepy.
7) This seems like a nightmarish version of the Jetson's house
8) Black goo? Three eyes? What's going on!
9) That's some 70's space rock keyboards going on here. Great to listen to in a van with a dragon painted on the side of it
10) Hi, creepy suit guy, I'm sure you're not trying to kill me .
 11) Beyond Science. Beyond Sanity. Beyond Control.
12) Not gonna lie, I get a very strange pedo-vibe from the good doctor in the trailer.

Just let the  visuals of the movie sink in for a little bit. I hate to use the phrase, but I guess you can call this movie a "slow-burn". There are lots of details and while the movie can be a bit strange, it is definitely something to experience. Just in case you want to read my Fantastic Fest review, I have it linked here. The synopsis is posted on the trailer page, but it honestly gives a little bit too much away for my liking, so if you want to find out more, you can read more about it on the iTunes trailer page for the movie.

In other awesome news, director Panos Cosmatos has become the executive producer for our dear friend's upcoming VHS documentary, REWIND THIS! Check out their site here.

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