Friday, March 16, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool Movies & TV-Campy Fun Time!

Javi here. I have another trio of  Netflix movies for you to enjoy today. This week, I'm focusing on more campy movies this week since I figured most everyone will be too drunk to care!

Because I'm the type of dick that will recommend a LEPRECHAUN movie during St. Patty's Day weekend. Seriously, you will need lots of green ::shudder:: Bud Light to get through this one. 

This one I saw on a recommendation by Twitter's own @ReelDistraction, since we did not have our weekly Horror Movie Night. It's about a haunted train car where people are haunted when they have sex. It's got some shitty dialogue, the violence is laughable, but it was still a good time because of all of it. Plus, African-American Hitler is in it: 

I have not seen this one in a long time, but given that the Dallas International Film Festival will be honoring the 25th anniversary of this movie, I figured it'd be a great time to highlight it.

That's it for this week cat and kittens. I hope you enjoy! Jonesy will bring out some good stuff next week. 

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