Friday, March 9, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movie Picks

Jonesy here with another installment of Netflix Instant picks. Some weeks my picks have a theme, and others, like this week, is a tad more random. With Spring Break coming up for some, now is the time to catch up on a few movies/TV shows on Netflix.

Part of the Criterion Collection that shows how strong of an actor Michael Fassbender is. HUNGER is powerful, moving, and visually stunning. 

This is a sentimental pick for me. I felt like I grew up watching Nick at Night, and this was one of my favorite shows. The whole ensemble is wonderful to watch and just fills the nostalgia part of my heart.

Strange title, but a fantastic documentary. Many famous names are dropped who were among the students during this time including Tommy Lee Jones, George W. Bush, Al Gore, Meryl Streep, and Gary Trudeau.  The rivalry between these schools run deep, and this film mixes old 1968 footage and present day interviews to describe the feelings during and around the game.

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