Friday, March 2, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV & Movies

Javi here with another picks for Netflix Instant. Even though Netflix lost the Starz license this week and a lot of the more popular titles are gone now, there are still many gems available. Let me show you three of them after the break! 

For those that are craving more Benedict Cumberbatch, here's an pre-Sherlock show he starred in that has him playing a math genius dealing with an evil government. I haven't seen it, but damn it I'm going through Cumberbatch withdrawals. 

This is an amazing and very biased look at religion, faith, and all the stuff that goes along with it. Bill Maher is as funny as here as he is in his show. As blasphemous tradition, I watch this every year during Easter weekend. Obviously, it's not going to be for everyone, but it's a great watch for those of us that don't care for religion.

I'll admit, I totally ripped of the amazing new podcast, Filmspotting SVU, starring former IFC Podcast Matt Singer and Allison Willmore. This is one of their Roger Corman picks. It's a space remake of SEVEN SAMURAI, I mean hell the freaking planet they defend is Akir. Talk about obvious anyway. It's cheesy fun. Grab a bunch of beers and friends and watch it.

This was just added today, and lots of thanks to one Mr. Scott Weinberg, for the heads up on Twitter. Most people will know this as "The Movie That Got Bradd Pitt Into Acting" from the Oscars. It's a Japanese monster movie in the vein of the old Godzilla movies where one good gargantua and a bad one batttle over Tokyo for humanity's future, or some cheesy nonsense like that.
That's it folks, hope y'all enjoy these picks. I know they will keep me busy this weekend. See you in a couple of weeks. 

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