Friday, April 6, 2012

Most Anticipated Films of DIFF 2012- Jessica Edition

It's been too long, blogosphere. It's Jessica, and I'm pleased to bring you my most anticipated films of DIFF 2012. Festivals make my inner-planner so giddy, and this year is no different. I can't wait 'til next week when I'll be unofficially living out of my car while eating way too much Urban Taco all because of DIFF. While browsing the selection this year I found it increasingly difficult to scale down my most anticipated to only five, but I managed to do it, so check them out below!

USA, 2012, 91 min, color
Angelika 7- 4/13- 11:59 pm
Angelika 6- 4/14- 10:00 pm

The first thing I looked for while browsing films was a badass horror movie. Enter, THE PACT. Last year I unfortunately missed the short film, directed by Nicholas McCarthy, of the same title, but I'm excited to see what the feature length version is going to bring to the table. Based on the description I have a feeling I'm in for some awesome atmospheric creepiness.

USA, 2012, 76 min
Angelika 6-4/13- 10:00 pm
Angelika 7-4/14- 7:00 pm

I'll admit that my gravitation towards this movie may have something to do with my super crush on Nick Offerman and anything he touches. Nevertheless, SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME sounds like a promising heart-felt film that ends up being a must-see for me.

USA, 2011, 97 min, color
Magnolia 5- 4/13- 7:30 pm
Magnolia 4- 4/14- 4:15 pm

I'm a sucker for a quirky comedy, and I'll be the first to admit it. Combine that with the quarter life crisis road movie aspect of this film, and you can guarantee I'll be in attendance.

Greece, 90 min, Greek (with English subtitles)
Angelika 7- 4/13- 4:15 pm
Angelika 8- 4/20- 7:30 pm

The premise of this film alone is what made it to my top 5 list, but then after a little reading, I noticed it is directed by Giorgos Lanthimos, who also directed the film DOGTOOTH, which is a favorite of mine. I think films that use grief and dealing with it in unconventional ways as subject matter have always fascinated me, and I'm excited to see this great director's take on that.

Angelika 7- 4/22- 7:45 pm

I'm quite curious about this film. I love a good dark, twisted comedy, and Shirley MacClaine in pretty much anything. The premise sounds interesting enough to get me into the audience. I'm also looking forward to seeing Richard Linklater directing back in Texas. There's just one thing that keeps throwing me off... Matthew McConaughey?

That's it for my top 5 for 2012. I have so many more films I want to see this year, I hope I get a chance to see them all. But if not, one of my favorite parts of any film festival is the freedom to just stumble into any theater not knowing anything about the movie coming up and happen upon something captivating that you never would have gone to before.

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