Friday, May 11, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movie Picks

Here's your weekly dose of your Netflix needs. If you're not busy going out to catch THE AVENGERS for the second, third or fourth time, here are a couple movies to tide you over the weekend.

The classic Errol Morris documentary about his research and story telling and how it ends up freeing a man convicted on death row. I recently watched my first Errol Morris film not too long ago, and I was hooked on how he can make inane people fascinating and unforgettable. I cannot wait to visit this film that set him a part from modern documentarians.

I have a soft spot for this film. It's one of the first scandalous movies I remember watching without my parents permission in high school. I know, shame on me. Not really your typical teen drama. I remember being somewhat surprised by how well acted and (for the time) unique the story was. You know you loved this movie too. 

The Sundance sensation (and by sensation I mean controversial) movie that caused several passionate outbursts is now available for you! The story of a man who finds a woman in lurking in the backwoods in his town and orders his family to help him "civilize" her. The film may not live up to the hype and controversy that surrounds it, but I'm insanely curious to see what caused these video reactions

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