Friday, May 25, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV & Movies

Javi here with another week's installment of Netflix Instant recommendations. Today, it's going to be a little more on the indie side apart from the first choice. Give today is the birthday of STAR WARS, it felt fitting. Check them out after the jump.

So I know that the Internet nowadays is 50% cat pictures and about 20% lame Star Wars, Star Wars references and mash-ups. I've personally have grown to dislike how Star Wars is always used as the standard thing to reference for people that want to see like they're "geeks" now that it's the cool thing to do. But I digress, the movie deals with nerds yelling at Lucas as a courtroom drama for all of the stuff that he's done to the Trilogy over the years. I find this very interesting and it can seem like Nerd Rage, but I feel that the insane treatment of the Star Wars trilogy is a big issue in a lot of ways. Not only is he trying to consistently change the thing that made him famous, but as LOOPER directo Rian Jonson commented on Twitter, his constant meddling with the trilogy is a film preservation issue. In this day and age when 35 mm is going away, and there is a danger of losing countless films because of this, I find it horrible that a movie's own creator is purposefully erasing history by not making original version of the film available.
I'm not going to lie when I say that I really really disliked this movie. It was a double feature with TINY FURNITURE and I'm not sure if the quirk just got to me after a while. Regardless, I re-watched it recently and I have to say that even though the story still feels as cliche as a movie that looks like it was filmed using only Urban Outfitters products would be, I still really liked the performance of the lead actors. Plus, Richard Ayoade is a truly gifted visual director. I would get paintings of so many of the scenes of this movie and display them proudly.

This is one of the big 3 movies that got me into indie films in general, the other two being 25TH HOUR, and DONNIE DARKO. My old college roommate showed this movie to me back when it came out and we were still in high school, and in my first showing I was a little tripped out, but it mesmerized me. I'm not sure if I'm still as keen on it as I was back then. But this is another Charlie Kaufman movie and I am huge sucker for those. I'm pretty sure that it was the first time I truly understand what it meant for a movie to have subtext, metaphors, and clever writing.

So that's it for this week's installments. Next week, Jonesy will be highlight some equally great picks next week.

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