Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oak Cliff Film Festival Starts today!

Javi here. We're big fans of the historic Texas Theatre here at WDYMS. They have pretty amazing programming and events going on every week, and I love the fact they have Frank's Red Hot Sauce for their popcorn. And as it turns out, the Texas Theatre will the main theater for the inaugural Oak Cliff Film Festival which starts today, June 14th, and ends on Sunday, June 17th.

I really like the idea of this festival as its a great way of showcasing some more local film talent and venues such as the Kessler Theater and the Teco Theater as well as the general Oak Cliff community. This is a great time for Oak Cliff to show itself off a social and cultural area of Dallas. Since I was a dingus, I didn't plan out my time properly, I won't be able to attend any screening but the V/H/S screening.

As is customary of the Texas Theatre, they have some really great 35mm offerings this weekend that most people should not miss such as SUNSHINE and LOVE AND A .45. There will also be plenty of live music, a lounge area, and some very interesting movies all packed into four short days. Check out their web site for the full festival schedule, and information on tickets and badges.

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