Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DINOSAURS VS. ALIENS Sounds Just As Bananas As You Think It Is

This was the best I could think of, y'all.
Javi here. So, I know that we complain all of the time about Hollywood not having any original ideas left over? Well, you can all stop the complaining now! Auteur director Barry Sonnenfeld along with renowned comic book writer, Grant Morrison are teaming up to bring us the story of the struggle between the noble indigenous natives trying to fend off foreign invaders from taking over their land and using up all of its resources. Of course, I am talking about the upcoming DINOSAURS VS. ALIENS. Thanks to Blastr via Pajiba, we have a trailer for the upcoming motion comic that will serve as a prequel to the movie. Check it out after the jump.

Yeah, I'm on board. As long as it's not anything like the boring COWBOYS AND ALIENS, I'm there opening weekend. I think my favorite part is where Sonnenfeld is saying "What would happen if aliens landed 65 million years ago, and dinosaurs had to defend Earth?" Seriously dude, how high were you? Anyway, check out the Blastr link for more interviews and information about the motion comic, which will debut on July 23rd and the duo's plan for the series, which is planned to be a ::sigh:: trilogy.

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