Friday, July 20, 2012

Netflix Instant Cool TV & Moviers- The cast of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES edition!

Javi here with my Netflix picks for the week. I was going to try to go for a cool superhero themed column in honor of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. But instead, I found three movies where the lead actors star or at least play a major role in!

 Check them out after the jump.

A younger Michael Caine as a ghostwriter in a 1970's black comedy where he investigates the murder of the guy who's book he's supposed to be writing? Sign me up!

This one has super bitchy Anne Hathaway in super bitchy mode as the wife of one of the two men in love with each other. This was the first movie that really made me notice her, but not for the two reasons you think. ::wink::

Master Bruce plays a reporter in this movie where a pop star, Brian Slade, fakes his death. Christian Bale's character is trying to get to the bottom of who Slade was and ends up seeing the ugly truth behind the cool rockstart lifestyle.

That's it for this week. Stay classy, Internet.

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