Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For Funsies: Trailer for BOYS, a Parody of GIRLS

Lena Dunham seems to inspire some crazy internet rage wherever she goes. It's started ever since her debut film, TINY FURNITURE made it to the Criterion collection. Her portrayal of the (reductively speaking) lazy, privileged 20 something struck a nerve with so many people that she's been keeping the comments sections on movie sites ablaze whenever any posts about her are posted. Now that she has a great new show on HBO, GIRLS, which deals with a quartet of ladies in New York trying to figure something out, the discussions have become more numerous.

I am a pretty big fan of GIRLS. It's got some of the strongest writing I've seen on a show not called COMMUNITY or GAME OF THRONES. Even if I hate the characters, I can appreciate that they're very well written and have lots of layers. That is why I'm happy to share this "trailer" for BOYS, the male counterpart of GIRLS. Thanks to The Wrap for posting this:

What I love about the video is that you have to have seen the entire first season to really get a lot of the jokes. For example, one of the guys is constantly naked to an uncomfortable degree, much like Dunham herself. And for fans of the show, it will be coming back for a 10 episode season in January 2013 according to friend of the blog, @ReelVixen who is at the TV Critic's Association and was covering the HBO panel live on Twitter. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, you guys!

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