Monday, September 17, 2012

Jonesy's Most Anticipated Fantastic Fest 2012 Films!

This was a really tough piece to put together. The line up for Fantastic Fest 2012 looks so awesome, it was difficult to narrow it down to just five films that I'm looking forward to. If I put everything that I'm excited about, then this might never end. And there are always films that I stumble into that completely floor me. Also, there are no shorts on this list, but you best bet I will be seeing at least one shorts program. 

Now onto my list!

The raunchy Dutch comedy, NEW KIDS TURBO, ended up being one of our favorite Fantastic Fest films from last year. Now the mullet heads are back with directors apparently escalating everything with bigger set pieces and cruder jokes. I'm so in.

Even though a bunch of talkative jerks almost ruined my birthday viewing of RUBBER, I still really enjoyed the meta film by director Quintin Dupieux's film. Now is follow up, WRONG, is about a guy who has lost his dog and during his journey to find him, is on the verge of losing his mind. I'm hoping for another fun yet dark film from Dupieux. 

This might feel like a cheating entry on this list since it was written by Austin-ite and former Ain't It Cool Writer, Cargill. So this film is a tad nepotistic, but I am still so insanely excited. The horror genre has always been a sore spot for me. Most modern horror movies are very cliche and predicable. There have been murmurs that this film is legit scary and surprising. Here's hoping for the best.

For some strange reason, during film festivals, I seem to watch more documentaries than regular films. I didn't catch any documentaries last year at FF, but I am making sure I see a few this year. This documentary was directed by Michael Paul Stevenson (BEST WORST MOVIE). He follows three sets of people, known as haunters, who are enthusiastic about transforming their homes during Halloween. Sounds fun yet quirky.

The other documentary I'm interested in is the real story behind the Amityville haunting which the film was based on. It documents the 28 day period which the Lutz family lived in the now infamous house, and the strange and supernatural events that transpired. Anytime a horror film is "based on a true story", I always feel you need to watch with a grain of salt. So I'm curious to see how true to film was to the events that transpired. 

That's it from me! For all of our Fantastic Fest happenings, check out our twitters, (@wdyms, @angjonesy, @javifuentes) and keep checking back here for our plethora of reviews throughout next weekend. 

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  1. This year is especially heavy on documentaries it seems, which is fine! I love them.