Sunday, September 9, 2012

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks

Happy Sunday! Please forgive my late Netflix column, but the movies I picked this week carry one of my favorite themes...complete randomness! Enjoy.

I didn't become a sushi fan until a few years ago, and even with that I enjoy more of the rolls rather than the actual raw fish type of sushi. JIRO follows the sushi master, Jiro, as he runs his 10 seat restaurant in which a plate of sushi is $300. His restaurant is housed in a subway station but is legendary in Japan. Fair warning, there are tons of delicious food porn shots that will make you run out and get yourself some sashimi. 

Even with the weird voice immodulation of Gina Carano, HAYWIRE ended up being an entertaining film. It's not the caliber of the BOURNE films, it's a fun revenge movie with great action scenes. 

I was sad to miss this one last year at The Asian Film Festival of Dallas because I heard nothing but praise from everyone who saw it. The story sounded fascinating about a cabbie hired to be a hit man and getting in deeper than expected, and I'm excited it's finally on Instant.

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