Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Duncan Jones Accepts the Impossible Challenge of Directing the World of Warcraft Film

The good thing about writing and directing your own film is you have no one to answer to except yourself. However, the funds for your project can be limited. That's why you take on a huge, pre-existing property, and then you can direct a 100 million dollar project. That's exactly what Duncan Jones has done.

Hollywood Reporter announced that Duncan Jones, writer and director of MOON, will be the director of the upcoming 100 million dollar World of Warcraft film. Legendary Pictures will distribute the live-action Blizzard Entertainment's role playing game. WOW has so many different levels, monsters, elements, and story liens, that there is plenty of substance to draw a story from. The script is already finished and is written by Charles Leavitt, who also wrote BLOOD DIAMOND. Legendary is looking for a 2015 release for the film.

I'm not a WOW player, but a world filled with dragons, orcs, zombies, and aliens sounds like a fun science fiction film. Jones definitely has the sci-fi element working for him after his experience with MOON, which if you haven't seen, what are you waiting for!? However, he is a brave soul to take on such a property with a very, very devoted following. Because if he messes this film up, he will have to answer to armies of people like this guy:

I wish you the best..from one fellow Jones to another.

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