Friday, January 4, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

Greetings from this side of 2013 everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and exciting new years. I'm back this week with a couple of picks that you can watch if you're lucky enough to be getting snow and need a good marathon. And then I have one random pick that will make you feel like you're the worst Scrabble player ever.


I wish I would have been in college when this series was around because I would have ate it up. I'm excited to start and plow through this Aaron Sorkin series. I really enjoy "behind the scenes" type shows dealing with politics. Also, you can't go wrong with Martin Sheen as the POTUS.

Seeing this on instant makes me so happy. Recently, the Drafthouse in Austin showed this 15 part series (all in one sitting) at one of their theatres this past year. I was sad not to have made it down for it, but now I can enjoy this in depth look at the history of film from the invention of motion pictures to the present. 

Scrabble. It's serious business. This fascinating documentary takes a look four word nerds on their quest to be in the National Scrabble Tournament in San Diego. The film is fun because not only does it show the extreme dedication of these individuals, but it flashes big words they use during games on the screen so us word minions know what they're talking about.

That's it for me this week. Javi will be back next week for more exciting picks to get you through the January. 

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