Friday, January 18, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

Guys. I promise I'm always trying to have a theme for my Instant picks, but I just don't have the theme gene like my cohort does. It's a gift. However, I bring you two thought provoking films this week, and one that, well, isn't. 

Unfortunately, no one has the capability to really view this film as it should be IMAX. However, that doesn't stop it from being quite fun and surprisingly funny. I credit the humor to Tom Cruise not taking himself too seriously, and of course, the always lovely Simon Pegg. If you had wrote off the Mission: Impossible series, give this one a chance if you enjoy action films.

I seen this film on many 2012 lists for best documentaries, and now it's nominated by the Academy Awards. Not that watching a film about rape happening in the military sounds like a fun Friday night, but this film has been heralded for blowing open this issue that's been covered up and not spoken about.  It's one I'm anxious to witness.

Time travel is a touchy premise for any film. Even if the movie is well made, the nerds of the Internet just salivate watching it as they jot down the plethora of continuity errors to bombard IMDB with when they get home. PRIMER is one of the few films that doesn't dumb down the time travel idea. It's a simple story about two friends who create a machine and the problems that go along with time traveling. I say simple, but that's a lie. This movie is complex, genius, and requires multiple viewings.

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