Friday, March 29, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

It's about to get crazy around here starting next week. The Dallas International Film Festival will be starting up, and then the elusive summer season of movies will begin. If you are lucky enough to be enjoying a three day weekend, here are some films to keep you company on your day off. If you are working today, then, here's some titles to look forward to once you're off work!

This film needs another chance. I watched it in the middle of Fantastic Fest when the lack of sleep and copious amounts of beer was beginning to set in. I didn't understand all the praise. Not that it's a bad film, but I wasn't sure why it made tons of "Best of" lists. I realize now that I need to give this film another chance when there's ample time to focus on it. 

I had no interest in seeing this film until my cohort wrote about it for his top ten films of the year, and it spiked my interest. Even though I'm still weary of watching a film with Robert Pattinson, I can always use a good film that comments on the state of modern culture. 

This was my first taste of the ESPN series, 30 for 30. It's a fantastic look at the year the SMU football team got the "death penalty" from the NCAA for serious rules violations. It's heartbreaking to see this team go from one of the top football teams to absolute bottom. 

Javi will be back next week with some awesome themed column!

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