Friday, April 12, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

We've been busy on here the past week with covering the Dallas International Film Festival, but never fear, the Netflix picks are here for you to get through the final weekend before your taxes are due.

It's finally streaming! After Lost finished, I kept wondering what I would watch to fill that void. Thankfully Fringe came into the picture. It's the perfect combination of sci-fi gruesomeness and heartfelt characters.  

Despite the shaky cam during the action, I enjoyed this adaptation. Jennifer Lawrence is quite fantastic as Katniss, and now you can enjoy the film at home instead of a theatre full of noisy teenagers.

This was a documentary which I wanted to catch during Dallas IFF last year, but it never quite fit into my schedule. It's about a modeling world overseas where young girls, as young as 13, are plucked from their homes in Russia and sent off to the modeling world in Japan. Sounds fascinating and disturbing.

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